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Sinsuality: 4 Play

Perth Fringe Festival

The Edith Spiegeltent


Sinsuality: 4play tickles the senses and steams up the Edith Spiegeltent at Yagan Square. This variety circus cabaret turns up the heat with performers who explore the seven deadly sins through aerial acrobatics, trapeze, pole dancing, lip syncing and burlesque.

Hosted by the Proud Awards’ 2018 Entertainer Of The Year, Barbie Q’s vulgar introductions and personal anecdotes provide an entertaining dialogue that ties all of the acts together in a seamless hour long performance. Barbie Q’s ability to poke fun at herself as she catwalks many bizarre and hilarious costumes makes the audience feel at ease throughout the high tension, sexual and ‘sinsual’ performances.

Photo by Naomi Reed

Introducing the audience to the performances which lie ahead, Barbie prepares the audience for what is to come, informing us that she partakes in a simulated orgasm which is just as unadulterated and bold as it sounds. Barbie’s light-hearted hosting provides the necessary narrative to ensure the audience doesn’t get too overwhelmed by the highly sensual shows, and just when you think things are getting a bit too hot and steamy, Barbie throws in a bit of yodelling for good measure.

The luscious Sugar Du Joure re-enacts a scene of Miss Trunchball’s torment with uncanny resemblance and accuracy the character’s on-screen depiction in 'Matilda'. I could see all of the audience familiar with the character squirming in their seats with fear and delight waiting to see what was next. Du Joure rips off her Trunchball costume to expose a luscious outfit that matches the remainder of her seductive performance.

Feisty pole dancer Ruby Lai wows the audience with her awe inspiring composure and control on the pole, making the intricate manoeuvres look effortless. Kinetica performers Sarah, Rebecca and Matt stun the audience with the spectacle of their high intensity performances displaying incredible strength and grace as they contort their bodies on the dance trapeze, aerial lyra and canes.

Mr Boylesque Australia winner Karl Kayoss stuns the audience with his gravity defying act on a web hanging from the ceiling. His commanding stage presence and on stage poise leave the audience eager for more as he flies around the stage in this sensual, carnal performance.

Sinsuality: 4play is rated as very hot on the Kleenheat Sizzle factor for good reason. Just like they advertised, this performance sweeps you up into a world of seduction and sin leaving little room for the imagination – or maybe just enough. I highly recommend this steamy show for date night with your partner – not something you see after work with your parents.

This variety circus cabaret stuns the audience showcasing the incredible skills of seven brilliant performers in a sensual and provocative exploration of the seven deadly sins.

January 2019


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